TNO and blockchains

Blockchain technology is built on foundations of database technology, networks and distributed computing and cryptography - all areas where TNO has a long history of expertise as well as significant contributions. In view of significant challenges to business and society, TNO brings extensive expertise in business modeling, regulation and policy development. Want to know more about how TNO works on the development of Blockchain Technologies?


Blog: Self-Sovereign Identities: It Is Going To Happen!

The term ‘Self-Sovereign Identity’ (SSId) has been attracting quite some attention in the (relatively small) world of ‘Internet-and-Identity’, with initiatives such as Sovrin and uPort as examples (and, of course, the Self-Sovereign Identity Framework (SSIF) that has been kicked-off in the synonymous project of the Techruption consortium). The basic drivers for these initiatives are privacy (we want to control our own data) and business benefits (just for the Netherlands, cost savings alone are estimated to exceed 1 Billion euro’s). Here is what it is all about.

Self Sovereign Identities It Is Going To Happen