Application Areas

The following are some of the areas of application for Blockchain technology that TNO is currently working on, together with details of the particular focus.
  • Finance and Insurance: The use of blockchain technology for a number of domains, such as
    • “self sovereign identity” for applications like KYC and the sharing of verified attestations by consumers between organisations.
    • Blockchain for privacy preserving analytics in e.g. health insurance
    • Pension value transfer
      Projects: Techruption.
  • Logistics: The application of blockchain technology to facilitate data sharing across multiple participants in logistics chains, enabling the Physical Internet. Projects: Dinalog.
  • Agriculture and Food: Application of blockchain technology to the agrifood domain, focussing on certification, and the use of blockchains in agricultural supply chains. Projects: Blockchains in agrifood.
  • Law Enforcement: Strategic and tactic advice to law enforcement, as well as training focused against criminal and other illegal use of blockchain technologies. Projects: Darkweb Training.
  • Industrial Data Space: research into future ICT-architectures for industrial actors to share data in a controlled way. These architectures should allow an ‘economy of data’ to emerge providing new business opportunities for using data for new smart services and to support new digital (manufacturing) processes such as smart supply chains for tailor-made products, ‘zero defect’ manufacturing and maintenance of products during their entire lifecycle. Distributed ledger technologies are considered to be an important technology for setting-up such architectures.


Dr. ir. Oskar van Deventer

  • Scientific Coordinator