Information Centric Networking and Blockchain; April 2019

Blockchains or blockchain technology (BCT) are technologies based on peer-to-peer cryptographic functions in a fully distributed architecture. The scalability of blockchains is threatened by the suboptimality of its data exchange model, due to the fact that most data is exchanged redundantly many times. Blockchain scalability is a widely acknowledged problem as a showstopper to large-scale deployment.

In the ICN4BLOCKCHAIN project we set out to discover whether and how Information-Centric Networking (ICN) can help alleviate this scalability issue. We developed a proof-of-concept in-house using Bitcoin and an ICN implementation called Named Data Networking. We used this to measure the difference in total amount of packets and bytes transferred in a normal Bitcoin network compared to our Bitcoin+NDN hybrid.

This presentation gives a brief overview of BCT and ICN and further focuses on the implementation and executed quantitative experiments and evaluation of the project.

Niels van Adrichem, Jeffrey Panneman and Oskar van Deventer


Dr. ir. Oskar van Deventer

  • Scientific Coordinator