Will that smart contract really do what you expect it to do?; March 2018

Much of the excitement and hype surrounding blockchain technology revolves around the promise of co-called smart contracts. Their immutability is what makes the concept of smart contracts so powerful, which also means that mistakes in smart contracts can have a significant impact. So, it’s time to find out if that smart contract really does what you expect it to do. TNO gives a heads up with the publication of a whitepaper.

Whitepaper Smart Contracts

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Smart contracts are believed to be the next step in inter-party automation; traditional trusted third parties are to be replaced by small pieces of code running on a distributed system. However, at the end of the day, these smart contracts controlling high-value assets are pieces of code written by fallible humans. And because of the special nature of smart contracts, mistakes or bugs can have a significant financial impact, as illustrated by a number of recent high-profile incidents.

In a whitepaper, TNO experts explore this problem further and describe a number of strategies and approaches for the creation of secure and robust smart contracts, some of which can be applied right now, while others require additional research & development to be applicable.

Download our whitepaper and learn about strategies and approaches to create secure and robust smart contracts; now, and in the future.

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