As part of TNO’s commitment to Blockchain technology, we have created a Blockchain Laboratory to provide the infrastructure and coordination over all blockchain research, development and collaborations in the ever more important technology. The Blockchain Laboratory provides a one-stop-shop for all questions and requests for collaboration and engagement.

The Laboratory provides:

  • an infrastructure for experimentation with a variety of Blockchain frameworks including Ethereum, Hyperledger, BigChainDB and others.
  • an environment for the presentation of a variety of demonstrations and proof of concept results from different projects.
  • facilities for training collaborators in the technology and its value for society and business.

Dr. Oskar van Deventer is the director of the TNO Blockchain Laboratory and brings a wealth of experience in network technology, standards and interoperability. He developed and provided training to law enforcement about the use of Bitcoin on the darkweb, which is part of the TNO-Interpol Darkweb training.


Dr. ir. Oskar van Deventer