Blockchains in Agrifood Project

Bo Agro - Blockchain voor Agrifood – Deep Dive (2018)

In collaboration with Wageningen University and Research (WUR) and with funding from the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, this is follow on project to the pilot undertaken in 2017. The main objectives of this project will be to investigate three use cases:

  • Certification and Smart Contracts in the Banana Supply Chain
  • Fair income for farmers in agrifood commodity chains
  • Trade and transport in the Netherlands of Manure

The project will run from April to September 2018 in collaboration with a wide range of industry actors and government agencies.

Past projects

Building a legal weed chain (Blockchaingers Hackathon Winner 2018)

TNO participated in the Blockchainger Hackathon, and won in the track “Public Safety and Security”. CellBlock42, the team from TNO, built a solution, where both the consumers stay anonymous and the Dutch National Police can see who has grown the weed when needed. Full provenance in growing, selling and buying, with the use of an app to scan and check its origins and type.

For further information see here.

Blockchains in Agrifood project (2017)

In collaboration with Wageningen University and Research  (WUR), and with funding from the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs (2017), this pilot project aimed to achieve a better understanding of blockchain technology and its implications for the agrifood sector, especially of how it can impact specific aspects of supply chains.

The project developed a pilot use case on table grapes imported to the Netherlands from South Africa where Blockchain technology could be applied to enhance the compliance processes, in other words make it easier to track the validity of certificates for food quality.

Deliverables included a survey of the current state of blockchain technologies  from the perspective of the needs of the agrifood sector, and a demonstrator for the table grape certification scenario. The project led to wider collaboration in the agrifood sector on the topic of blockchain technologies as well as helping to inform Dutch public policy in this area.

The project involved a number of partners from around the Netherlands who contributed resources or acting in an advisory capacity, including the following:

The report is available here.


Dr. Christopher Brewster

  • standards
  • interoperability
  • semantics
  • blockchain
  • agrifood